Super Easy To Use – Vertical Indoor Bike Storage Rack

This is about the smallest footprint I could find for a bike stand. It does the job, and despite heavy traffic right next to it we’ve never had a problem with the bike tipping. Bravo, and thank you for a great stand.

Cynthia Atkinson

Vertical Bike Stand

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The indoor bike storage rack lets you store your bicycle instantly in a handstand position; This specialized, upright design offers space, safety and stability in just seconds

Store your bicycle instantly in a handstand position; This specialized, upright design offers space, safety and stability in just seconds

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$ 169 $ 99

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A Brilliant New Way To Quickly & Easily Store Your Bike!

  • Quick and Simple - Struggle no more to lift and put heavy bikes on a hanger; Just roll the back wheel onto the ramp, pop the front wheel up and lock in place on the vertical brace, and then secure the front wheel with the strap for added stability
  • Safe Storage - Bike Nook will prevent your bicycle from damaging the floors, ceiling, or any wall in your apartment or home; It's the best organizer to keep your bicycles well protected from thieves or weather damage
  • Universal Stand - Bike Nook is ideal for indoor use, or in covered sheds and balconies; It’s designed to store all types of bicycles, such as mountain, road, and beach cruiser types; It can fit any bike with a wheel diameter of 10 inches or higher
  • Fast Repair - The upright design also permits for easy maintenance for your bike; you can fix any issues with the frame, wheels, brakes, or gears; Bike Nook is the easiest repair rack for fixing or installing any accessories necessary to improve your cycling experience

Easy-to-use upright design means no more struggling to lift & hang heavy bikes to make room in your house.
Prevents bikes from scratching or damaging walls, ceilings, cars, & more while you store.
Lets you keep your bike inside, protected from bike thieves & other damage.
Adjusts to various heights, for bikes with 10 inch wheel size or bigger; so it's perfect for mountain bikes, road bikes, racers, kids' bikes, beach bikes & more!

37 reviews for Indoor Vertical Bike Storage

  1. Ryan Levy

    Having tried 6x different upright stands and another 8x types of stands I have to conclude this is the best thing out there. Very few stands will handle 29ers fewer still will handle ebikes and 180mm front forks narrows the list even further. This is the only sturdy thing I have found unless you want to ruin your rims with rim hanging solutions. This is extremely well made, powder coated everywhere, rounded edges, excellent hardware and the simplified assembly make sure even a child could assemble it. Even with 57 lb. 29er ebike it is extremely sturdy. It also fits everything else very well thanks to adjustability.

    If you have long forks you will want to add a bungee or longer velcro strap tape. The strap that comes with it will handle almost any bike. I used 2 further straps on the bottom wheel for overkill and dog prevention.

    Yes it’s expensive and yes there are knockoffs on here but having tried those cheap tubular thin steel versions that fall over, I can tell you firsthand this is the best option out there. Just add some extra straps or bungee if your running something heavy or you have excitable dogs.

  2. Leo

    NYC apartment life leaves a lot to be desired – especially during quarantine times. I’ve had a bike in my apartment for over 5 years, and every single morning, my trek from the bedroom to the bathroom included the sound “OOF” as I inadvertently bumped into my bike.

    I saw an ad for the nook bike stand and was THRILLED when it arrived. Took 5 to 10 minutes to put together and another minute to figure out which height was the right one for my bike. Then taped the front wheel up with the enclosed velcro strap and popped it in the air. OOF NO MORE. The bike is popped into the corner next to a closet – the closet can open, and i can walk by without bruises the next day. The only thing i had to do was put my helmet on the handlebars so my sleepy self doesn’t walk into those as they’re now up in the air and close to my head in the narrow hallway.

    Overall: easy assembly, no need to make any holes in anything, no need to adjust my bike in any way, and pops my bike up in the air in a second, saving a ton of floor space and using more ‘air’ space. Definitely recommended.

  3. Cynthia Atkinson

    This is about the smallest footprint I could find for a bike stand. It does the job, and despite heavy traffic right next to it we’ve never had a problem with the bike tipping. Bravo, and thank you for a great stand.

    Worth mentioning: we put a kids 24″ mountain bike on this one. We do have to extend the seat a bit to get it to settle correctly, but otherwise it is sized well for us.

  4. Steven W.

    If you’re like me, you might have been a little skeptical about buying this, compared it to other storage options. My experience is that it does exactly what it’s supposed to, safely hold your bike up vertically in order to save space.

    A few months ago I bought the first new bike I’ve ever owned as an adult, and since I live in an apartment complex I wanted to keep it inside for safety from the elements and theft. However, I don’t have a lot of room for storing such a large object without the bike being in the way as well as seeming inelegant. Being able to store the bike with this product saves me a significant amount of space as well as giving the appearance that it is is stored rather than just leaning on a wall. Practical and aesthetic advantages.

    It’s easy to assemble, easy to load a bike into, and stable. If you’re using it indoors, I see no reason why it would ever tip over unless you have kids or dogs running around that would bump into it, but that’s the same risk they pose for anything in the house. I’ve had it now for quite a while with no issues.

    It’s not the cheapest bike storage solution, but it works well if you’re looking for what I described above.

    One edit I feel might be relevant for someone’s decision: My bike is a hybrid XL frame and fits well. I would imagine anything smaller should be fine, but if you have a mountain bike with wide tires be sure to view the compatible dimensions before purchasing.

  5. Levi Stevenson

    Was very easy to put together, took about 5 minutes to assemble. Came with all parts and tools in good condition. I live in a very small studio apartment, so there isn’t much storage to begin with. The only corner I have available is behind a small kitchen table, where there’s a chair, but not enough room to get in and out. It fits perfectly in that area! Best of all, it’s out of my way! Like some others have said, it’s a bit wobbly, but it won’t knock over if you shoulder-check it. I did have to move my reflector on the seat tube out of the way, but can easily move back into position before heading out on a ride. I don’t mind the velcro strap that holds the front wheel steady. I use it on my car rack for the same purpose. Very happy with this bike rack!!!

  6. Eli Hill

    Worked perfectly with a Trek Dual Sport 2 and a Topeak BabySeat 2 Rack. Just have in mind you might need to have your saddle a little bit higher depending on your height since the rack won’t allow you to go to lower levels. It does save a good amount of space. Another thing to have in mind is you need to plan where to place it since you can only park your bike backwards.

    The overall quality of the materials is actually very good. Very easy to assemble.

  7. Martha Morris

    I’m not sure how the physics of this works, but it does. Kind of magically. It won’t stand up to people that run into it, but my cats steer clear of it, and it hasn’t fallen since I’ve put my bike on it. Simple and good. Like it.

  8. Dan Wiley

    I have a good size 1 bedroom apt. However I didn’t wany bike taking up space. I keep it in my closet with this stand. Works great for me! I have to take off the front tire in order for it to fit in my closet. However love the fact that it’s out of sight

  9. Steve Kirk

    I consider this bicycle stand my best purchase this year. It’s been a year since I bought it and it still holds the bike just like on the first day. The weight of the front wheel makes the bike lean a little bit on a side which worried me for a while but after a year it still holds the same position, it seems safe and steady. It takes minimum space possible in a room and it takes seconds to store the bike on it.

  10. Bentley

    The assembly was simple. If you need the instructions they were easy to read with minimum pages. The instructions come in two types, one with only picture diagram for a quick set up, and another with diagram and step by step written instructions for those who like to be sure they have everything set up correctly. The bikes I have are one road and one mountain, they both fit great, with the slender will making the bike tilt a bit for balance, but I’ve knocked into it a couple of times to test them out and they hold well enough for the average clumsy person. Thank you all for making this product.

  11. Ollie Gill

    Saw the pictures, read the description and reviews so I thought about trying it, now it is a hit, my bike is out of the way and readily available for my daily ride. Really makes a compact package that is out of the way. Great product, i was impressed with the quality of parts, my only suggestion is they elongate the holes on the upright to allow minor adjustment to fit the bike better.

  12. Scott Wells

    Your bike will wobble or fall if you bump into it. The upright bicycle is simply leaning / balanced on the stand, and it not secured to it in any way. That said, there are very few other products like this out there. It does save a ton of room, the design is simple and minimalist, and it is not in obnoxious colors. Keep in mind that if your bike has a tail light under the seat, you’ll probably have to move or remove it.

  13. K. Whittington

    I absolutely love this stand. It has allowed me to save so much space by putting my bike upright. It’s a big deal when you live in an apartment and space is super limited. So much less cumbersome than having it horizontally against the wall. I would definitely recommend.

  14. Gene D.

    Must own if you live in an apartment or for storage at work. Keeps bike upright and safe. I do recommend buying a second strap to hold back tire against frame if in a high traffic area.

  15. Kerry Glenn

    Bought two. One for a workout bike with narrow tire and one for cruiser bike with fender over back tire. Both went together quite easily. Was concerned over the difference between tires, but both fit in the channel very well. I wound up taping some foam padding on the upright channel of the one for the cruiser to protect the paint on the fender. Still takes up same width of floor space, but reduced length. More importantly, the handlebars are now higher off the ground. Still have to duck under due to limited space, but now it’s “duck”, instead of “duckwalk” or “crawl”.

  16. Mell Garrison

    Took a shot To free up some space in the garage teens bikes kind again in the way sometimes.. It took me about 20 minutes to put to him together relatively sturdy and definitely gave us more space.

  17. Nicky Alston

    Took about ten minutes to assemble with zero frustration or confusion. Nicely adjustable and a genuine space saver for a cramped garage. Balances an adult mountain bike securely.

  18. Leigh Rowland

    We have two nice road bikes that we’re taking up lots of floor space in our finished basement. The Bike Nook stand was exactly what we needed! Now both bikes are secure in a small protected corner. Very pleased with this bike stand!

  19. Tanner

    These were so easy to setup, a definite space saver and puts your bikes out of the way. So glad I came across these little space treasures!

  20. Skyler Berry

    I highly recommend this bike storage rack. After gravity winning the battle with a wall-mounted rack, I needed an alternative to storing my bike in my apartment closet. The instructions were easy to follow and assembly was less than 30 minutes and no need for drilling into your walls. My bicycle easily tucks away while keeping boxes around it without harm. Side note; I have bright safety gloves on my handle bars to not bump into them while walking through my closet.

  21. Maddox Wallace

    Good product. Easy assembly. I bought 2 of these. They work as described. Recommend as a storage solution if you don’t want to hang the bikes off the floor.

  22. Ashton Sellers

    I like it was easy to assemble. We live in 2 room apt. It fits perfectly in corner of our bedroom . Gravity makes it work.

  23. Mason Erickson

    Looked at many bike racks and this is easy to assemble, easy to use and a great price!!

  24. Alexis Potter

    My ceilings aren’t high enough to hang my bike, so this is great for getting it out of the way.

  25. Rudy Palmer

    I’m 5’4” and this does a great job of storing my hybrid (city/mountain) bike since I can’t hang it on any walls in my office. If adjusted correctly and treated with care, it’s very sturdy and convenient.

  26. Will B.

    I really had my doubts about this product but they proved me wrong. It does exactly what they say and yes it saves floor space and your bike is secure.

  27. Kiran Burton

    Boy, what a space saver. Prior to our purchase our two bikes took up lots of garage floor space. These bike racks take up half as much space.

  28. Yasmin

    After reducing the size of our shed, this bike stand was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered 2 of them and so far they are working as planned. I haven’t had any stability issues with either one.

  29. Katherine Pearc

    Works exactly as it is advertised. Sturdy enough for a regular mountain bike. Very satisfied.

  30. Tia Mosley

    Saw an ad for this on TV a while back. Decided to buy it to store my sons bike in the garage. Couldn’t be happier. Assembly instructions aren’t great, but its pretty intuitive overall. The bike fits perfectly in the stand. Its easy to get in/out. The strap can be a little fussy at times, but overall thrilled with the product. Worth the money.

  31. Myla Daniel

    Easy to put together, and works excellently! I only struggled with figuring out how high the rest for the seat needed to be. I’m excited by how much room I opened up in my apartment with the help of this item.

  32. Tara Garcia

    Sent it to my brother for Christmas, he loves it, also an avid mountain biker.

  33. Claudia Newman

    We needed to store our bike in a small storage room and give us more floor space. It was pretty easy to put together. The first time we tilted the bike up, we struggled to get the knock in the crook. After adjusting, that worked easier.

  34. Eliza Fletcher

    I love how much room this gives my apartment

  35. Sloane Caldwell

    The bike stand is well made easy to assemble makes storing a bike much more efficient and easy to store.

  36. Lesly Bernard

    The rack feels heavy and sturdy. Easily keeps my bike upright. I don’t feel like I’ll come home to my bike on the floor. Works as intended.

  37. Jarrett Horne

    Perfect for what I needed! My bike was getting in the way in my living room. This bike rack literally came out of the box assembled and it’s super sturdy.

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